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Vintage Budweiser Rolling Stones 1989 North American Tour Poster


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In 1989, Budweiser presented the Steel Wheels Rolling Stones tour for the North Atlantic. This poster immortalizes the era and the tour itself.


  • Retro Budweiser advertising
  • Designed to look like an album cover
  • Vivid 80s scheme colors
  • In brand new condition

The Rolling Stones are a iconic band that is credited with writing and performing some of the most popular rock and roll songs. They’ve defined a generation and will be remembered  fondly for years after they’ve faded into the past. This vintage poster easily immortalizes the old branding of Budweiser and the band themselves. Every Stones fan needs a Steel Wheels tour poster, and this original vintage piece has more character than something printed today.


  • 1.5 ft x 2.5 ft
  • Printed on high-gloss, quality paper
  • Original vintage wall art