Vintage 1993 Jerry Garcia Poster


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Jim Marshall remains on of the most influential band photographers of his era. His work for Jerry Garcia is immortalized in this poster.


  • Yellow, purple, and black crafts a careful and creative composition that brings the stage lighting of the event to life.
  • From OSP Publishing INC.
  • Eye catching composition with complementing text.

Jerry Garcia’s music is as iconic as Jim Marshall’s photography. In this poster the two come together in perfect harmony. The unique color composition renders the piece eye-catching and enthralling when you’re looking at it, and subtle and subdued when you’re not. This quality renders the poster an excellent print to use as vintage wall decor or to highlight your love of vintage artwork.


  • Printed in 1993
  • 3 ft x 2 ft
  • High-gloss paper with excellent contrasting colors and ink
  • Original vintage artwork