Vintage Joe Camel 6-Pack Cooler Sleeve


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Have you ever packed a 6-pack of beer in the car and found you didn’t have enough room to stick them in the food cooler? When faced with hot beer or no beer, that’s a tough decision that could start your camping trip off on the wrong note. What if there was a cooler especially made for your beer?


  • Blue and yellow color scheme
  • Piece of Camel Tobacco history
  • Shoulder strap
  • Unused

Don’t ever go on a camping or fishing trip again without cold beer. This cooler allows you to slide beer cans inside, one on top of the other so that you can carry your six pack to and from your destination with ease while keeping it icey cold. When you finally take a seat and pop open that beer, you’ll be greeted by that perfect taste and feeling of a cold beer rather than a warm one. Invest in the future of your day trips with this beer cooler from Camel.


  • Two zippers for easy access
  • Quality construction
  • Original Vintage Camel products