Vintage Grateful Dead Dead Set Poster


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This colorful display of the San Francisco skyline, including the Golden Gate Bridge is a testament to the beautifully painted imagery and storylines that the Grateful Dead’s music is known for.


  • Appealing golden, blue and red color scheme
  • Detailed but illustrated building set off the easily flowing gradient of color
  • Includes a depiction of Uncle Sam in the far corner
  • Authentic vintage poster art

The San Francisco Bay has always been a city full of music and a riveting sense of life. This poster art for the Grateful Dead perfectly captures the vistas of the city skyline. You can glimpse the point and docks reaching out into the bay framed by the stunning colored Golden Gate Bridge. One of the great things about being a Dead Head means that all of the band merchandise you purchase is going to be reliably aesthetic and charming in its own right. This vintage Dead Set poster is not different.


  • 3ft by 2ft
  • Printed on high-gloss, quality paper
  • Original vintage artwork