Vintage Ducks Unlimited Dog Collar 16 Inches


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Cloth collars often frey and show their wear and tear negatively, but this leather vintage dog collar is too high-quality to show its age in an unattractive fashion.


  • Silver Ducks Unlimited emblems
  • Dark black leather
  • Precise stitching
  • Polished gold colored buckle

This dog collar offers an amazing opportunity to add a classic, unparalleled look to any pooch’s neckline. The stark black creamy leather will be soft against your dog’s fur and as it ages, the leather and silver emblems will start to patina attractively, creasing and weathering in a totally rustic fashion. The silver emblems adorning the collars length add an air of sophistication to the plain black leather that will look great against any dog’s glossy coat. Treat your pooch to a vintage treat with this beautiful collar.


  • 16 inches long
  • Made of thick leather
  • Never been used
  • Original Ducks Unlimited Vintage