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Vintage Ducks Unlimited Dog Collar 14 Inches


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Nothing says rustic class like Ducks Unlimited which is why this beautiful leather collar is so well-designed and well-made.


  • Silver Ducks Unlimited emblems
  • Dark black leather
  • Precise stitching
  • Polished gold colored buckle

If you’re trying to portray the same level of classic, yet woodsy themes as Polo Ralph Lauren, you wouldn’t be going wrong by investing in this collar. The beautiful color scheme and finishes of the components of the collar bring together a feeling of elegance and nature that flatteringly complement each other. Any pooch would look absolutely dashing in this 14 inch collar that was made to make your dog photos look more aesthetic.


  • 14 inches long
  • Thick, black leather
  • Never been used
  • Original vintage Ducks Unlimited