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Vintage BOYT Ducks Unlimited Large Carry Bag


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The unparalleled versatility and utility of a BOYT bag comes together with the classic styling of classicDucks Unlimited to create a great vintage bag for any hunting trip.


  • Bramble and stick themed camo design
  • Thick hunter green straps
  • Industrial quality hooks for the larger strap
  • Duffle style makes the large bag less cumbersome

With thick straps and materials, this duffle style Ducks Unlimited bag can do everything. Carry all of your necessities and transport them with ease. When you’re stalking through the woods looking for a good place to camp or settle in and wait for your prey you want a bag that’s large enough to make the journey and easy to move. Because of the girded straps keeping the long center of the bag in check, the maneuvering of the otherwise floppy style bag is easy. It’s vintage origins are hardly noticeable as the tags are still on the bag, the only sign of wear is the slightly weathered BOYT label that adds a distinctive character.


  • Two small straps and one shoulder strap
  • 3 feet long
  • Two outside pockets
  • Original Vintage