Vintage 2010 Grateful Dead Poster


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This beautifully colored Grateful Dead is both a beautiful piece of art and a slice of nostalgia. Though this particular piece was printed in 2010 it is a replica of a much older concert poster for the iconic band.


  • Beautiful red blue and white color scheme.
  • Depicts a skeleton dressed in roses
  • Band poster for San Francisco show

The Grateful Dead have always been reliable about providing exceptional art for their band. This poster hardly breaks the mold, even though it’s a simple concert announcement ad. The poster depicts the same beautiful aesthetic of death and life that the band often prefers to include in it’s art. Add to your Grateful Dead memorabilia with a truly unique and tasteful piece.


  • 3ft by 2ft
  • Printed on high-gloss, quality paper
  • Replica made in 2010
  • Original vintage artwork