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Vintage 1996 Atlanta Olympics Nations Bank Sponsor Banner


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This official sponsor banner from the 1996 olympics captures the personality and character of the olympic team with tasteful application of logos and generous size of the banner.


  • Nations bank logo
  • Colorful USA olympic team logo
  • Simple white background renders the banner neutral and appealing

The Centennial Olympic Games took place in 1996 in Atlanta Georgia. The games were marred by a pipe bombing that managed to kill two people and wound 111 despite one man’s attempt to evacuate the area. According to the bomber, he was trying to embarrass the U.S. government for making “on demand abortions” legal. Like most pieces of history, to the naked eye this just looks like an Olympic banner, but it’s really a mark of the little historical details that makes that past so rich.


  • 3 ft x 5 t
  • Made of sturdy fabric
  • Original vintage wall art