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Vintage 1991 Bud Light Light and Clock


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A piece of Budweiser nostalgia has never been so endearing. This vintage piece of Budweiser memorabilia comes from 1991 and marks when Bud Light took off as one of the most popular beers in the U.S.


  • Electric blue light falls in stream down the side, highlighting the retro shape.
  • Adjustable light can be moved to provide light where needed.
  • Charming classic shape and coloring.

Bud Light fans everywhere can appreciate a nod to the days when Bud Light become the reigning supreme beer. The superior taste and refreshing quality of the brew matches the design and coloring of this clock light combo exactly.


  • Made of good, strong plastic for the exterior
  • Bendable branch makes light maneuverable
  • Remains in working order
  • 1 ft x 1 ft