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Vintage 1996 Coca Cola Olympic Torch Relay Banner


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Coca Cola has sponsored events since the brand was created in the the 1880s. Their marketing campaigns have always been creative and every Coke fan needs to feature a piece of the iconic companies influence on popular culture .


  • The Torch Relay Promotion
  • Nostalgic 90s Design
  • Dark green and white color scheme

The Olympic Torch Relay is a breathtaking spectacle that is common place at the Olympics. This piece of creative marketing from Coca-Cola is both artwork and fueled nostalgia. The dark green and white color scheme make the design simplistic and artistically appealing. Original vintage art is rarely as aesthetically pleasing and historically rich as this piece.


  • Made of think tarp quality canvas
  • 2.5 ft x 9 ft
  • Small metal holes make the piece easy to hang up.
  • Original vintage wall art