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Vintage 1996 Atlanta Olympic Bud Light Banner


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This vintage 1996 poster for the Atlanta Olympics characterizes the culture of the mid 90s and immortalizes the photography and art style of the time.


  • 90s Bud Light logo
  • USA Olympics logo
  • Featured bike rider with blur filter

The 90s were characterized by their multi-verse of cultures and art styles, but this piece of Budweiser Olympic Sponsor memorabilia totally defines the popular culture of the day in that it appeals to many of the sub-cultures at once. The poster uses the completely unique style of photography alongside effects and combines it with the culture of Bud Light beer drinkers. It’s a nod to colorful tapestry of the year.


  • Printed on high-gloss, quality paper
  • 2ft x 4.2 ft
  • Original vintage wall art